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Here's what a few of our customers are saying...

  • "...The combination of efficient and personal service can not be matched. Dressels has managed to keep the small town fellowship despite the many advancements in technology..." -- Frank Sousa & family
  • "I have been counting on the team at Dressel's to keep my vehicles in good working order for over forty years..." -- Michael Buckley
  • "I've been a customer for 20 years but they earned my full trust on the first visit. They offer terrific, and highly efficient, service for very reasonable prices....they provide all their customers with the same trustworthy service, the same respectful treatment, whether customers can diagnose their own car problems or not." -- Karen Hollis
  • "I have been with this company for over 35 yrs. Would not trust anyone but them to fix up all my cars!! honest hard working family." --Lynne Sawyer
  • "My family has been doing business with Dressel's for years now and we have always been very pleased with the quality of service and well as the friendly and helpful atmosphere that is provided by the team there! I wouldn't take my car anywhere else!" --Lori Allen
  • "Martin: Ran across your great webpage. Dressel's has come a long way since the days of the Ford wrecker (old telephone truck) with the bent boom. Best Regards" -- Allan Buss
  • "I am very comfortable and feel a sense of friendship when I go to Dressel's. The last time I went for an oil change (which I called last minute, and they ALWAYS make time) Ryan topped off all of my fluids, put air in my tires and was a pleasure to talk to. I love visiting; nice guys." --Gayle Steffanelli
Most automotive service stations are not known for cleanliness but we are!
Our restrooms are so clean we even put up pictures of them.
And we even had our moms check them out to make sure our restrooms passed muster!