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The Dressel's Automotive Connection Vol. 2

March 15, 2011

Newsletter topic: Cooling Systems


      An automotive cooling system is just that, it provides cooling to the cylinders to prevent overheating and engine damage. By absorbing and releasing heat in the various components within the system, fast warm up and consistent engine temperature. is achieved.
       The main components of an automotive cooling system are the Radiator, Water pump, Thermostat, Heater core, and of course Antifreeze.
       The system functions by circulating coolant around the cylinders with the water pump, there it picks up the heat, from the cylinders combustion, and brings it to the radiator where the heat can be removed (cooled) by the radiator. The thermostat is designed to block the flow of coolant until a specified temperature to achieve faster warm-up and to also slow the coolant flow in radiator to allow for proper cooling of the antifreeze. The heater core, although part of the cooling system, it does not really cool the antifreeze, it functions by passing coolant through it to provide heat for the passenger compartment.
      Degradation of the coolant can lead to scale buildup in the coolant passages as well as decreased freezing and cooling properties. This scale can block the passages in the radiator and heater core and cause overheating and even engine damage! This is why you should have your cooling system flushed at mfg. recommended intervals. Call Dressels today to schedule an appointment for your coolant flush!


News At Dressels

    Thank you to all of our loyal gas customers! As of April 1, 2011 Dressels Service Station will no longer be dispensing gasoline or diesel fuel. The underground storage tanks need to be removed or replaced per DEP regulations by the end of 2011. Due to the cost associated with this (approximately $200,000) we at Dressels have decided to not replace, but rather remove, the tanks and discontinue selling gasoline and diesel fuel.
    This means that all of our energies will now be focused on providing outstanding service and repairs on your vehicles! As always we are open 7a.m. to 6 p.m. for all of your needs and do provide local shuttle service to get you home or to work (within Granby).
  Cooling system service
(reg $129.99)
Special antifreeze extra.

Full 4 wheel alignment
(reg $99.95)

Brake fluid flush
(reg $99.95)

Specials cannot be combined with any other offers.

Auto Joke of the Month:

A mechanic was removing the cylinder head on a BMW when the customer (a heart surgeon)showed up. He asked to see the progress on his car, and as they were talking the mechanic says to the surgeon "our jobs are not that different, I can open up the heart of a car, replace some valves, and put it back together and have it run like new"."How come you get paid so much and I get paid so little?" The surgeon says "try doing it with the engine running".

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