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The Dessel's Automotive Connection

February 2011

This month's topic: BATTERIES

this Month

Automotive type batteries are most commonly of the lead acid type, although as technology progresses newer types of batteries are coming out, Today we will cover a bit about lead acid batteries.

Lead acid batteries were invented in 1859 and are the oldest type of rechargeable battery. These types of batteries are constructed of a plastic outer "case", inner lead plates placed verticle, and a positive and negative post, and are flooded with sulfuric acid. Automotive lead acid batteries have six cells of approx 2.10 volts per cell totaling 12.6 volts on a fully charged battery. The plates are positively and negatively charged and are placed in alternating polarity in the battery case. As the electrons flow from one plate to the next in the acid a voltage is stored and out put out through the positive and negative terminals.

batteryDiagramDue to the properties of the chemical reaction in the battery the voltage and general state of battery can be tested with a hydrometer. A hydrometer measures the spefic gravity of the sulfuric acid solution. They can also be tested with a load tester or multiscan technology battery tester.

Typical lead acid battery lifespan is between 3 and 5 years depending on application. Severe duty or an unsecured installation can lead to a shorter lifespan. Due to vibrating or bouncing, this can cause the plates to shift and contact each other and cause an internal short or "dead cell". Keeping battery terminals clean can also extend battery life. The weather can also affect battery life. For example, extreme low ambient temps make the engine in your car start harder causing it to use more amps/volts and lowering the batteries state of charge. As the state of charge lowers the acid becomes more like water and can freeze. If the battery freezes the plates will shift and cause a short inside the battery and the battery will have to be replaced! On the other hand, extreme heat also can affect the battery. Heat creates resistance so the electricity is harder to get out of the battery. Also, in extreme conditions it can melt the plates in the battery and cause a short internally. If this happens you will need a new battery. We suggest that you stop by today for a complimentary battery test!

News at Dressel's

We are proud to introduce our postcard mailers. They will remind you of your normal oil changes as well as factory scheduled maintenance required on your specific vehicle at the mileage we have on file for your car. They should arrive in your mailbox soon.

Dressel's is going to be looking for a qualified ASE Master Tech or ASE Tech to be able to handle most aspects of auto repair. Two years of auto repair shop experience is required. We will be accepting applications through mid-Feb and will hire shortly thereafter (to be able to repair your vehicles sooner).

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Auto Joke of the Month:

While I was waiting in the auto repair shop's lobby for my car to be repaired recently, another customer came in looking a little frustrated.

"Listen," the customer announced to the owner of the shop. "When I bought this premium battery six months ago you said it would be the last battery my car would ever need. It has already died after only six months!"

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